Simple Tips and Tricks to Score Well in Examinations

Exams are just around the corner and students are busy with their preparations to score high marks in their exams. Exams are held mainly to judge the knowledge, skill, aptitude, of a single student and to certify the students based on their performance. Among the different board of education, ICSE Schools exam is the toughest, as this board of education provides the more practical application to the students. There are many students confused with their preparations. Here are some simple tips to boost the student’s percentage and helps in scoring 90+ in their exams.

  • Prepare a timetable and allot a time for each section.
  • Take the practice of writing an answer under exam conditions, without any break. So that you can know and manage the time limit for each question.
  • Revise the running notes, practice the model papers and other important questions.
  • Practice more by writing and spend more time in recalling the answers, definitions, formulae, and equations.
  • Practice as many problems as possible.
  • Prepare the list of chapters, manage the time to complete the syllabus on time.
  • Do not waste your time, as there will be a lot of study material and important points to be covered.
  • Collect all the study materials and be aware of the present CBSE or ICSE 2018 exam paper pattern.
  • Clear all the mathematical concepts just by revising the study material provided by a coaching institute.
  • Try to learn as many formulae as possible and find some shortcuts.
  • Solve model papers, question bank questions, sample papers on daily basis, as most of the questions may be repeated in the exams.
  • Always do practice by writing rather than reading, as you can understand the answer more clearly and easily.
  • Clear all the doubts by meeting experts and teachers.
  • Read the textbooks first as direct questions may be asked in your board exams.
  • Stop all the unnecessary activities, hanging out with friends during the study hours.
  • Always make a note of important points which you come across while studying.
  • Split the answer into points, by which you can remember the answer very easily.
  • Avoid stress, negative thoughts and build your concentration towards exam preparations.
  • Always do group discussion so that you may gain more information on different topics.
  • Along with the preparations, have a healthy diet, good sleep for 6 to 7 hours and physical exercise to keep you fit and active.

All the best.

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