If You Don’t Know The Rules Of Recitation, Learn Quran With Tajweed

Tajweed is all about learning the rules of proper recitation and pronunciation of the Quran. When we learn the Tajweed, we replicate the way of recitation of the prophet Mohammad (saws). Tajweed also includes learning the pronunciation of the letters of Arabic. We learn different rules like when a consonant is silent and when it is not. Furthermore how long we have to keep the vowel. It is an art of making the right use of the tongue so that the recite does not make any mistake in the recitation of the Quran.

Tajweed rules are applied only when we recite the Holy Quran.  It is our responsibility to recite the Quran in proper manner. If you don’t know the rules of recitation, you should Learn Quran with Tajweed.

Importance of Tajweed

Tajweed helps in reciting the Quran with a beautiful voice. We can understand the importance of Tajweed from the fact that we consider the person who is proficient in the recitation as the most honorable one. The people who learn Quran with Tajweed get a double reward than the person who simply learns reading the Quran without the knowledge of Tajweed. The reward is double for that person because he is trying hard to learn the rules of recitation for beautifying the recitation.

It is not obligatory to learn Tajweed and apply it during recitation but it is good if you learn it. Learning Tajweed is especially important for the non-Arab Muslims. This is because the non-Arabs don’t know the pronunciation of Arabic language at all. So these rules are very helpful because everyone can understand how to read the Quran in proper way. These rules are very important and this is the reason they are taught from a generation to the next.

Learning Tajweed Online

You can now learn Tajweed online. The online classes offer the practical way to learn Quran. If you want an easy way to learn Quran, you should choose the online classes. You will find the tutors who will teach you the Tajweed in a way that the listeners will have their eyes become wet with the beauty of your recitation. You can choose your Quran institute to Learn Quran online.

The online classes will help you recite the Qur’an smoothly. You will be confident in reciting Quran. So Learn Quran online and glide through the Holy book of Allah. Take classes from a professional teacher to enjoy your learning process.

Learning Tajweed establishes a special relationship with the Qur’an. So start your classes from today. There is no need to feel any shame if you could not learn Tajweed at the younger age. You can start your Tajweed online classes at any age. Tajweed is easy if you learn in the right way. The online teachers teach in an academic way. It means you will learn all the rules and terminologies that will make your learning easy. Take your first step in making relationship with Quran and learn Tajweed.