Getting Your Child Ready for Formal Education

Setting your child up for success as they start formal education can be a big step for you and them. As you look to take these next big leaps in their learning and development, make sure that they are ready with the following areas and you will be sure to put them in the best place possible for this big adjustment.


While some may believe that preschool is not a necessity for every child, these learning services Mandeville can set your child up for their future success. Your child’s learning and development begin significantly earlier than their schooldays participating in formal education and they will require someone to help them focus that process. While your child will be absorbing information always, having a dedicated teacher who can help them learn will be crucial in their preparation.

Socialization and Development

As your little one looks to take on the big world of learning, make sure that they are prepared not just academically, but through their socialization, development and behaviors. These critical milestones help them develop strategies and behaviors well before entering school.

Boundaries and Discipline

Just as your child needs to learn to socialize, understanding boundaries, expectations and discipline will be a large part of the schooling experience. By practicing this at home and instituting social order, they will be familiar with this when they start school.


As your little one begins to take on their educational career, they will need to learn independence as part of the development process. There are key ways that you can empower them to do this and it all starts at home.

Setting our children up for education success goes well beyond how we teach them their letters and numbers. A great deal of the preparation begins with the educational choices you make and their home circumstances. As you consider how you can best set up your kiddo for success, keep in mind these choices that can give them their best start.