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current education method of pakistan and also islam


No nation on earth can make it through without getting high quality and move forward education in which takes the world towards advancement. Being any Muslim country the education system regarding Pakistan need to follow our own Islamic beliefs and Fiqh, but inside real the education system regarding Pakistan needs plenty of amendments to get in accordance with Islamic virtues and Fiqh.

Intent behind education inside Islam:

In Islam the true purpose regarding learning is always to become more near Allah, his / her prophet (R. B. You. H) and also teaching regarding Quran, but sadly this purpose just isn’t visible inside our modern schooling system. The coverage of Islam relating to education constantly aimed on the building regarding Islamic attitude and Islamic dynamics. When those two things are usually combining with each other they kind an Islamic persona.

Education methods in Pakistan:

Currently there are numerous education methods are working in Pakistan. Private universities have their particular syllabus. Only the particular board assessment syllabus will be same in the district, and also board syllabus may differ from table to table. Some global school systems have an overabundance different schooling systems and will be offering O’ ranges, A’ ranges. All these kinds of education systems usually are not as in line with the Islamic nature while they mostly stick to the american education system when the history is about to share with the pupils regarding planet wars used earlier. Islamic can be a religion regarding PEACE and also prosperity.

Madrassa schooling system:

The madrassas are allowed to be the service provider of Islamic schooling, but inside real the particular scenario is quite different. The consequence of these madrassas is facing us. They’re only for anyone children whoever family can not afford to be able to send these schools or that are not enthusiastic about school schooling. There may also be some unfavorable impact regarding madrassa they are creating terrorist and also this rumor damage a whole lot the effect of Madrassas. There are a few non-Islamic activist that are attempting to destroy the particular image regarding Madrassas.

Bottom line:

The schooling system regarding Pakistan needs to be in line with the Islamic beliefs as Pakistan can be an Islamic region. In Pakistan education is currently become a small business instead regarding service. Workshop performed for educators about how you can teach and also relate their particular course together with Islamic Fiqh.


No nation can be prosper on earth without schooling. Pakistani schooling system includes different schooling systems which includes private, public Science Posts, international and also madrassa method.