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Do You Love Being On Stage?

Are you an avid Thespian or someone who dreams of a career on the big screen in acting? Did you know many of the award-winning actors or actresses you see graduated from college with a degree in Theatre or the Arts? It’s true! Having the right education will not only prepare you for the competitive performing industry but can also connect you with peers who will help you on a path toward success.

Theatre school provide students with a quality Liberal Arts education but if you are seeking stage or screen time, you can also enjoy the immense benefits of an in-depth training program and learn the secrets behind:


Learn the difference between on-camera and off-camera auditioning techniques. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is your character type and how can you hone this into a long-lasting career? There are so many small details you will need to understand before setting off into the world of acting. Determine what type of audition is required and what you will have to prepare is one of the most important elements in the acting industry.

Portfolio Management

A huge benefit to an accredited education in acting is the opportunity to graduate with a well-developed portfolio. Understanding the types of headshots you will need and putting together a professional reel or monologue portfolio will be tantamount to your success.


Every professional actor knows it takes more than talent to make it in this competitive industry. Understanding how to seek out the proper agents and casting directors will be an essential part of the academic process for acting students. This is an essential element in what will make or break your career in acting. The great thing about attending a college or university program is there are often opportunities to meet and connect with these industry leaders, so you will have an edge in this arena. Many casting agents are also aware that your education will have provided you with necessary skills and will feel more confident sending someone with this degree to an audition as compared to someone with little experience or know-how.


Acting is a form of art. It takes more than a pretty or memorable face or an outgoing personality, there are trade skills that will be important to learn in order to succeed as an actor or actress. Attending a school for theatre will not only give you more experience on stage, but it will also help you develop a personal form or style that works for you. Acting is studied through many known techniques including The Stanislavski System, Method Acting, The Meisner Technique and more. An overview of these different styles will play a relevant role in your ability to define what works for you, so you can progress and hone your craft.

If you are seeking stardom through stage work or screen time, your best option for success will be through an educational decreed program designed to graduate actors with terrific knowledge of the industry and all the tools needed to make a career. While there are some actors who have learned the hard way, most successful stars sought an Arts degree in order to lay the foundation of their craft. There are no shortcuts to the field, but it is much easier to pursue this through an education designed to develop you into a successful actor or actress.