Top Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer can be a stressful ordeal. With so many lawyers looking to get your business, it can be challenging to try to pick the right one who has the greatest chance of winning your case. Before you make an appointment with one, gather a list of questions to ask them about their practice to make sure they are a good fit. Here are five to get you headed in the right direction. To begin your search, google a lawyer near you, like attorneys Spring Hill FL.

What Is Your Case History?

A lawyer’s case history can tell you a lot about them. If they don’t have much experience in court or with settlements, they may not yet have what it takes to win you a good deal.

Have You Worked Cases Like This Before?

There are endless legal fields that lawyers can practice in, and they don’t all translate into one another. A lawyer who deals with car accident claims may not be the greatest choice for a marital case. Make sure your lawyer has dealt with plenty of cases like yours.

What Is Your Success Rate?

Don’t be shy about asking for a lawyer’s success rate. This can provide a future glimpse of what your case might look like.

Can You Guarantee a Certain Outcome?

Almost no lawyer can guarantee an exact outcome or settlement amount for any case. However, after analyzing the details of your case, they may be able to give you a good estimate of where you might land.

Do You Have Contingency Fees?

Some lawyers function on contingency fees, which means that you won’t pay them until you’ve won your case. If you don’t win at all, the lawyer doesn’t get paid. This usually applies to car accident claims and personal injury claims. Be sure you understand how fees affect your finances before hiring a lawyer.

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